Fundraise solutions

Best in class tools for raising money online.

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Set a goal. Tell a story. Share with the world.

Individuals can create a fundraiser to raise funds on behalf of any nonprofit organization. Create a powerful, customizable webpage for collecting donations online.


Multiple fundraisers. One story.

The simplest way for a group of individuals to fundraise together. Each participant has their own fundraiser, and your team campaign brings them all together for friendly competition with a leaderboard, easy to use management tools and a customizable team landing page to showcase the team’s progress.


Powerful fundraising events of any size.

The ultimate solution for peer-to-peer fundraising. Individuals and teams of individuals can all participate in your Event campaign. With robust campaign and member management tools including registration, messaging tools, fundraiser template, real-time leaderboard and more. Events bring all of these powerful features together in a customizable landing page with comprehensive design and the ability to feature sponsors.