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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Lexington Community Foundation
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Preserving and restoring the historical Robb Cemetery


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$5,000 goal

Robb Cemetery Restoration Project

Nestled in the hills of northeastern Gosper County, overlooking the Platte River Valley is a small chapel, a memorial for a daughter lost too soon, Wilmina Robb. Robb Cemetery is the final resting place for many family members and friends. Perched high on a hill in northern Gosper County, it has a beautiful view of the Platte River valley and is one of the most peaceful spots in our area.

The primary focus at the cemetery is upkeep and landscaping around the memorial and in the cemetery. The cemetery has extended to the South, and the next major project will be constructing a road system to access the new addition. The road construction is still in the construction phase. Give BIG Lexington donations will go toward the cost of upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery.

The Robb Cemetery Association and the Lexington Community Foundation have partnered together to make it easy to show support for the upkeep and preservation of the cemetery, the Wilmina Robb Memorial Chapel, and the grounds with the creation of the Robb Cemetery Restoration Fund.

The Robb Cemetery Association encourages you to help preserve the history of this local resting place and monument for now and for future generations who will lay their loved ones to rest in this most beautiful spot. 

 Fundraising Goals

  • All new landscaping around the memorial and the cemetery
  • Follow through on construction of the road project
  • Upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery

Those interested in donating can now give through the Lexington Community Foundation, which is acting as the fiscal agent for Robb Cemetery.

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