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A gathering of churches and pastors in Lexington to serve others and share the love of Jesus


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The Lexington Ministerial Association is a nonprofit organization comprised of pastors and their congregations from the Lexington community. A few participating churches are included in the photos on this webpage.

The purpose of the Lexington Ministerial Association is to promote Christian fellowship, share mutual concerns, enhance a spirit of togetherness and cooperation, and provide programs of interest and value to the clergy and the community.

One of the primary forms of outreach is by serving the community by providing emergency assistance to those in need from the community.


  • Transportation - help with small amounts so people can attend job interviews or medical appointments. The Association also provides bus fares for people who are stranded or need to go somewhere for an emergency;
  • Housing - helping newcomers get housing, prevent evictions, and assist in crises;
  • Utilities - usually, this helps to prevent the cut-off of utility services;
  • Food - offered when food stamps arrive late, are lost or stolen; help people whose funds have run out and persons who are traveling and have an emergency;
  • Personal Necessities - help secure prescriptions, diapers, work documents, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and medical treatment.

The Lexington Ministerial Association works in cooperation with Community Action Partnership of Mid-Nebraska, Dawson County Sheriff, Lexington Police Department, Lexington Public Schools, the Parent-Child Center, Salvation Army, Lexington Regional Health Center, Health & Human Services, the Red Cross, and other organizations within the community when needed.

The Association has also worked with the Mooberry family and local churches to sponsor the Dale and Elaine Mooberry Memorial Thanksgiving Dinner for those in need in the community on Thanksgiving Day. The churches sponsor Lenten Lunches, a Thanksgiving Service, and other special community worship opportunities and host an annual Clerical Cook-Off on Give BIG Day.

Lexington Ministerial Association continues to look for ways to be supportive of those in need, especially those most vulnerable economically, emotionally, and spiritually. Due to our community's generous support to the Ministerial Association, we seek to aid those who most need it, such as those called by Jesus Christ, to love others. 

We need you . . .

We need your financial support to continue providing people with this critical assistance!

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