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Keep Lexington Beautiful is a nonprofit that works to improve the community through recycling.


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Our five Recycling Trailers help provide our community with a place to responsibly dispose of recyclable waste instead of putting them in the usual trash containers that make their way to the landfill, where they end up and take hundreds of years to break down. Your contribution will help us continue providing these trailers to the community free of charge, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, with convenient locations throughout Lexington.

Our program with Education on Environmental Waste helps staff continue teaching students and the community about the importance of reducing waste, reusing what we already have, and recycling materials by giving them a new life. This knowledge goes home with students, parents, and community members to create a more sustainable community through hands-on projects and events.

We work closely with Lexington Public Schools to make sure students get hands-on experience by volunteering at cleanups at different locations and by learning how to make a positive change in the community they live in, making a lasting impact on their future.

Keep Lexington Beautiful provides two Shredding Events a year to help community members dispose of old or sensitive documents in a safe and eco-friendly manner. When your documents get recycled and shredded during our events, that paper will then go on to create new products such as building materials, saving trees, energy, and water. 

Our Community Cleanups not only help create a safer place for everyone but also help support civic organizations and youth groups by providing monetary compensation. When community groups participate in our cleanup initiatives, they also help keep our communities clean and free of harmful wastes that can go into our drains and into our water supply.

Thank you for contributing to your community and supporting Keep Lexington Beautiful!

Keep Lexington Beautiful

Elvie Montes, Director

P.O. Box 70, 801 W. Vine Street (Community Services Bldg.) 

Lexington, NE 68850


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