Johnson Lake Carp Removal

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Lexington Community Foundation
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Restoring a desirable fish community at JL by removing carp and rehabilitating the sport fishery


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$50,000 goal

The overpopulation of this undesirable or "rough" fish reduces the numbers and diversity of more popular fish and harms sport fishing.  A common approach to restoring a desirable fish community is to work to eradicate the carp community and rehabilitate the sports fishery.

For over 25 years, a group of dedicated lake residents have worked to remove the carp. The large removal process happens when the fish population needs eradication and funds are available.  All game fish are immediately released unharmed back into the water.

With your support, the Johnson Lake Carp Removal Fund will help to support the continued efforts to remove the carp from Johnson Lake. By doing so, the sport fishing at Johnson Lake will greatly improve. 

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