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Healing Hearts & Families provides diversion and therapy services to the Lexington area.


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Healing Hearts & Families provides diversion and therapy services to the Lexington area. The diversion program works with youth who have committed a law violation. We receive referrals from the county or city attorney’s office; the youth then complete a variety of expectations, including community service, online classes, skill-building courses, composing apology letters, and so on. Once the youth successfully completes diversion, their law violation is no longer on their record. This keeps youth out of the judicial system and allows them to go forth with their lives and not have to worry about listing those mistakes when applying for jobs, college, etc. Live. Learn. Move on.

Over the last year, the diversion program has helped multiple youths in ways beyond their legal violation. We are very pleased with our current staff as they truly listen to the juveniles, help with any issues within our scope, and refer to other resources when needed. We have had many clients come to us after being discharged for help with conflicts; that has shown us that we are doing something right and building good rapport.

Healing Hearts & Families also provides therapy to said youth and their families when needed. We continue to see an increase in mental health issues, whether due to an increase in anxieties or an increase in mental health awareness. People of all ages are beginning to see the importance of overall health, not just physical. Healing Hearts & Families strives to improve the lives of individuals in all aspects and looks forward to continuing our services. 

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