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Better assisting Dawson County citizens and law enforcement throughout the county with a drone


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The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a Drone Program to better assist citizens and law enforcement throughout the county.  A drone is a valuable tool and can be utilized in many different ways to increase the safety of the public and law enforcement Officers.  

Some ways a drone can be very beneficial are related to accident investigation and scene mapping, search and rescue, Pre-tactical deployment reconnaissance, building searches, and forensic investigations.   In addition, drones have the capability to have a thermal camera, which is highly beneficial in detecting heat signatures and operating in next to no light conditions. 

 The suspect was hiding in a ditch.

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office has certified individuals through the F.A.A. who operate the drone in accordance with what the F.A.A. requires and the agency’s policy and procedures.  Like any type of technology it can be quite expensive and due to wear and tear limit the life span of that tool.  The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office current drone has been utilized many times and has had several successful outcomes that saved time, money and other resources.  The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office also assist other agencies when requested.   

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