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The Dawson County Cancer Care Fund's mission is to improve quality of life and relieve physical and emotional burdens during treatment for local cancer patients and their families by providing emergency financial support and to support cancer-related fundraisers.
DCCCF is dedicated to a “close to home” impact assisting cancer patients in Dawson County and surrounding communities. 

In the past year, DCCCF awarded nearly $13,000 to help 13 cancer patients (eight women, four men and a teenager) in Lexington, Gothenburg, Cozad, Farnam, Sumner and Overton. Financial support included gas cards, groceries, utility bills, school supplies, travel expenses and Christmas gifts. In addition, DCCCF provided 150 gas cards and sponsored totes for the Chemo Comfort Tote drive. 

Having cancer is hard, but finding help shouldn’t be.

The committee works hard to inform the public of the Fund’s mission by raising awareness at local events and organizing fundraisers. In 2022, DCCCF participated in the Pink-tober Breast Cancer Awareness event in Lexington, organized a Cancer Survivor Recognition Event in Gothenburg and designed DCCCF t-shirts.

In February 2023, DCCCF partnered with Mac’s Creek Winery to host a Wine and Chocolate Fundraiser. This event raised $1,660 to help cancer patients.

 Committee members share their thoughts…

“I joined the DCCCF to help provide financial assistance to cancer patients. While they are in such agony of the diagnosis and treatment, we can be the light at the end of the tunnel to alleviate some of the financial burden. If our fund can put food on the table, gas in the car, or pay a utility bill, we will attain our goal of making a difference and lightening their load.”- S. Wood

“I became a committee member to help others in the area who are fighting cancer. Cancer is a cruel disease. I know this first hand. We can’t take it away for the patient but we can let them know there are people who care about them and they are never alone and help is here locally. Even during our toughest battles we can find the positive and help others. Faith over fear.” – M. Harbur 

“One of my goals in life has been to touch as many people as possible in a positive way. Working with DCCCF allows me to touch many lives at a difficult time for them. The support we give is immediate. Applications can be approved with a couple of phone calls. Most of them I will never meet, but knowing we are making a difference in their lives is very rewarding.  It’s the most effective organization I have ever been part of reaching one person at a time.  It’s a privilege to serve with the dedicated people on the committee.” – D. Werger

DCCCF members at a recent meeting were (front) secretary Pam Ackerman & chairperson/treasurer Julie Rickertsen; (back) Pam Baruth; Deb Werger; Meredith Orthman; & Carol Halley. (not pictured) Vice chair Mary Harbur; Katie Kincheloe; Barb Kloepping; Brandi Kloepping; & Sharon Wood. 

“I joined the DCCF committee, because both Bill and I are survivors, and Bill lost two sisters and his mother to cancer. We felt very fortunate to be able pay for all our travel and expenses that insurance didn’t cover but know that many cancer patients are not able to do that. Fighting cancer in different ways has always been important to us. While research is essential, so is helping individual cancer patients struggling to pay for their uninsured costs. The DCCCF is able to help many of these patients.” – M. Orthman

“The future of the DCCCF is strong. With the support of the Give BIG fundraiser and community, we help many families who need the financial help we can give.  We will continue to be there for families that need help.” – J. Rickertsen

“After attending a survivor dinner, I decided to join this committee because I could see how much they helped local cancer patients. I was helped by so many people when I was first diagnosed and this is a way I can give back. Being on this committee is healing for me as it gives me a way to use what I have been through to help others.” – C. Halley

“As a cancer survivor, I know the despair of feeling alone in the fight. And I know the power of prayer and friendship from strangers. DCCCF will continue to provide hope and ease financial worries for as long as it is needed." - P. Ackerman

The Chemo Comfort Tote Drive was created to support those fighting cancer. The bags are filled with essentials for cancer warriors of all ages. Bags go to Gothenburg Health, Cozad Hospital, and LRHC, as well as to North Platte’s Callahan Cancer Center, Heartland Hematology and Oncology, and CHI Cancer Center.

In the past year, 300 totes have been made. Since the drive started in 2015, more than 1,500 totes have been given to chemotherapy patients.

Contact organizer Mary Harbur at 308-529-2205. 

Designate part or all of your Cancer Care donation to the Chemo Comfort Tote Drive.

Meet Frankie (4), a recent chemo tote recipient battling leukemia. When it comes to kids, we customize the totes. He loves Mickey Mouse

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